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  • Admin working on site Nov 17-30
    Posted by Andrea Hardaway November 16

    We are making some updates ot the website fo Nov 17-30.  During this update, we will be modifying the format of some of the profile questions and ensuring all information is updated properly.  Please message Admin if you need additional information:

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Welcome to Vocal Disorders Connect!

  • Greetings! This site is a forum for connecting and supporting people with various vocal disorders. We also welcome family/friends/supporters of those who deal with the disorders and professionals who provide treatment and/or research in these areas.

Our History

Our social network was started by Andrea Hardaway in August 2008. Andrea’s mother has been struggling with Spasmodic Dysphonia for over 11 years. Andrea has seen the daily struggles her mother endures as a result of SD and is willing to do anything to help her and others who deal with voice-related problems.

Andrea hopes her gift of motivation, networking, and bringing people together will provide a powerful shift in the daily experiences of those affected by vocal disorders.

NOTE: This site is not at all affiliated with any formal organization, doctor, or pharmaceutical company. While representatives from these various sectors may be represented as members on this site, their opinions and views are their own. You should always use precaution and check with your physician before trying any sort of treatment.

Vocal Disorders Connect is intended to be a place of motivation, support, and knowledge sharing.

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  • Tim Kildea
    Tim Kildea I have unilateral vocal cord paralysis after having neck surgery to repair a herniated disc about 8 months ago. I had a filler injection after 4 months, which gave me only slight improvement in volume, and has since worn off. I was wondering if anyone out...  more
    • November 9
  • Mike Hamill
    Mike HamillMarriages & Vocal Disorders: Hi to other group members. I relies that it's been a long time since anyone commented in this group but perhaps this post might get some more discussions happening.  
    My voice disorder is mainly due having Athetoid Cerebral Palsy (a physical disability a...  more
    • November 8
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  • Kay B.
    Kay B. Job Resource:
    Check out this well-organized and rich website that dives deep into what it means to advocate for what you need in your job.  Our tax dollars at work:  The Job Accommodations Network (JAN) has done the work of defining reasonable accommoda...  more
    JAN - Job Accommodation Network
    • November 2
  • Kay B.
    Kay B.Mark Kingery: Hello Mark:   I have some solid resources for you and the members here on  Please look for me over on where I participate in career transition groups, and can perhaps find one that's a best fit for you.     
    • November 2
  • Andrea Hardaway
    Andrea Hardaway Really wanting to host a few live chats and webinars.  Need to get it planned and pull it together.  We have a TON of knowledge in this group and it's worth sharing!
    • November 1
  • Steven Vogel
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    • October 31
  • Mark Kingery
    Mark Kingery I will start looking for employment when I return to America. My question is is there employment for people who can't speak. I can only whisper one syllable words. I have been self employed and I have been in management most of my adult life. I work i...  more
    • October 30