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Welcome to Vocal Disorders Connect!

  • Greetings! This site is a forum for connecting and supporting people with various vocal disorders. We also welcome family/friends/supporters of those who deal with the disorders and professionals who provide treatment and/or research in these areas.

Our History

Our social network was started by Andrea Hardaway in August 2008. Andrea’s mother has been struggling with Spasmodic Dysphonia for over 11 years. Andrea has seen the daily struggles her mother endures as a result of SD and is willing to do anything to help her and others who deal with voice-related problems.

Andrea hopes her gift of motivation, networking, and bringing people together will provide a powerful shift in the daily experiences of those affected by vocal disorders.

NOTE: This site is not at all affiliated with any formal organization, doctor, or pharmaceutical company. While representatives from these various sectors may be represented as members on this site, their opinions and views are their own. You should always use precaution and check with your physician before trying any sort of treatment.

Vocal Disorders Connect is intended to be a place of motivation, support, and knowledge sharing.

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  • Becky Lacroix
    Becky LacroixMuscle Tension Dysphonia: Hi everyone. I live in Ontario, Canada. I started losing my voice just over 2 years ago and was diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia. 9 months later I saw a another, more experienced ENT who was very mad and rediagnosed me with MTD. I've started speec t...  more
    • November 29
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  • laura glomski
    laura glomski wow so many of us. hello out there
    wow cant believe there are so many of us
    • November 15
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  • Gig
    Gig Speaking of the Brighams women's Hospital earlier ( Dr Thomas Carroll ) who did absolutely nothing for me, that I saw 1 and a half years ago, I just got a another bill in the mail, just today for another $53.67, Does it ever end?
    • October 21
  • Sandy Bigas
    Sandy BigasJacquie Albright:  Hi
    We have similar timeline and profession and location. My voice went in November too and February it got really bad. I am a teacher and love my job so it has been very hard. I went off work and now returned part time. Using amplifier and text to speech...  more
    • October 21